Partnering with a dentist you trust is the best way to ensure everyone in your family has excellent oral health.

We want to be in it for the long run with you and your family. Dr. Jonathan Tsang and his team are passionate about helping families feel great about the health of their teeth and how they look. Your long term dental health is our main priority.

You Deserve The Best Care From Your Family Dentist


The Best Tools For Your Convenience

Dentistry is constantly changing. We invest in the education of all our staff so that you know you are always getting the best treatment.


Customized Care Just For You

What’s keeping you from loving your smile? We offer customized care that work for your level of comfort and budget.


A Happy Team

We understand that just coming to the dentist is hard enough. We want you to love the people you meet when here. We do everything we can to make you comfortable and keep you smiling.


We understand how important it is to find a dentist that makes your visits enjoyable.

Dr. Jonathan Tsang, has served as a dentist in Abbotsford for over ten years. We treat everyone with respect no matter what their story is. Come see how we're raising standards and changing the perception of dentistry.

A trip to the dentist should be as friendly and familiar as a visit with friends and family.  That’s what creating smiles is all about.


Some Of The Values That Guide Our Practice


You should feel very little pain.

If you feel any pain, just tell us. We can always add more freezing.


Price shouldn’t be an issue.

While we do take payment plans and can do direct billing, we believe the best way to keep costs down is to do excellent work and maintain your health so no problems come up.


You Are Always In Control

We make sure you get the treatment you want and get all your questions and concerns taken care of.


You Shouldn’t Have To Worry

We offer sedation dentistry for anyone who feels anxious about their visit. It’s totally normal and completely safe.


Partner With Us And Discover The Benefits
Of Having Amazing Oral Health

You and your family should love their smile.


Looking for Dental Implants in Abbotsford?

While there are no dental implant specialists in Canada, Dr. Tsang is certified by the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry.

This means Dr. Tsang has the highest level of competence in implant dentistry. He is able to offer all aspects of implant dentistry to his patients or partner with your current dentist to make sure you get the result you desire.