The World Of Dentistry Is Changing All The Time

All around us we see technology changing the way we live our lives. In dentistry, we are able to take advantage of improving technology so that we can better serve our patients.

You will love some of the benefits of partnering with a dentist who is committed to using the best tools.

Better Fits


Working with digital tools gives us a level of precision we never had before. The degree of accuracy we can deliver to our patients ensures they get the service they need without having to come in over and over again for adjustments.

Faster Service

Many dental offices have to send impressions over by snail mail to their lab. We are able to take a picture and within minutes send it over to our lab to begin work on your case. This saves you precious time, making sure you feel better, faster.

Better Monitoring

Before the digital age, we didn’t have a great way to track what was going on in your mouth. Today, with our scans on file, we can monitor your progress or any changes that could be affecting your oral health. Not sure whether you grind your teeth at night? We will be able to tell in an instant.

No More Gross-Tasting Molds

One of the biggest benefits you will notice about digital dentistry is that you don’t have to taste the molds we used to use to get an impression of your teeth. With our intra-oral scanner we take an image of your teeth with amazing precision. The good news is that we will always have that image on file so you never have to come back and get another one done (or another mold).

Guides To Improve Surgeries

Using your digital scan, we can plan out the entire surgery from start to finish. We can use an element of precision that was never afforded to us before. This benefits our patients because they can be confident we following a detailed plan that will ensure the best outcome.

Better Communication With The Lab

While this does not affect our patients directly, they will benefit from the fact that today offices and labs can communicate quickly. Any adjustments that need to be done can be made quickly. We think that less waiting means more smiling.

It’s Time To Experience The Benefits Of Digital Dentistry

We are excited about future changes coming to our industry. We have a commitment to use the best evidence and tools so we can always provide the highest level of care.

All of this is for our the better health of our patients. We hope to see you soon so you can see what a difference it can make for you and your family.