Gold: Not Just for Rappers and Pirates.

Dentists are often asked the question, "What type of filling would you want in your mouth?" or "What's the best filling I can get?"
There are a lot of variables to take into account when considering these questions:
Is it in the smile zone? 
What is your budget?
What is your daily oral hygiene routine?

In general, if it's not an aesthetic concern, the best material is also the oldest material.  Gold.
A well done gold restoration can last significantly longer than any other restoration we have available.  
A gold casting conserves as much tooth structure as possible.
Specific alloys of gold are used that expand and contract at the same rate as your natural tooth structure thus reducing the chance of sensitivity and/or fracture.
 The alloys used also wear at the same rate as your teeth, so you don't have to worry about a gold restoration wearing down the opposing tooth.
Gold will not stain or discolour the tooth.

What are the disadvantages of gold restorations?
It's more expensive.  This one is sort of true.  While they cost more initially than a filling, they need to be replaced far less often resulting in less overall cost. 
They take more time.  A gold restoration takes more time to do well than a standard filling.  Normally it takes one appointment to prepare the tooth and a separate one to insert the restoration. Again, since they last longer, this is only true when compared to the initial filling.
It's not tooth coloured.  This is primarily a concern with front teeth or teeth in the aesthetic zone.

Gold: It's still the gold standard.

Wisdom Teeth

For some, wisdom teeth aren't a problem. For others, especially those with small mouths, the sudden arrival of a new set of teeth poses difficulties. The wisdom teeth may be angled incorrectly, or stuck (impacted) beneath the gums. Ask us to check for problems with your wisdom teeth before they come in by taking an x-ray of your mouth. In some cases, it is recommend to remove the wisdom teeth before they erupt to avoid future complications. The earlier you have them taken out, the easier it will be.


Oral Conscious Sedation

Are you anxious about your upcoming dental appointment? There are options available to help you relax or even take a little nap during your visit.  Oral conscious sedation is the option to take a pill before your appointment starts.  This pill is a medication called a benzodiazepine, more commonly known as a sleeping pill. 

Through the use of oral conscious sedation, you are able to slowly get rid of any fear or anxiety you have about coming to the dentist.  This helps you get rid of one more barrier between you and the healthy smile you want.